Philipp Soldan

Artist and sculptor from Frankenberg

Philipp Soldan was a Renaissance sculptor and artist who lived in the 16th century and left his mark in Frankenberg (Eder) during the Reformation. As a contemporary of Philip the Magnanimous, Landgrave of Hesse (1504–67), he operated a workshop in our town, where he created a variety of works in wood, stone and iron. He is considered one of the best artists of the Reformation period. One of his most famous works are the ‘piggyback figures’ on Frankenberg town hall. Soldan’s works also include a large number of cast-iron oven plates with biblical motifs and 32 timber heads carved by the Renaissance sculptor for the Church of Our Lady.

A special exhibition in honour of the artist Philipp Soldan was held in Frankenberg (Eder) from 16 July to 31 October 2017. In three different venues – the historic town hall from 1509, the Geismar Gate building and the monastery museum – visitors can encounter his works and embark on a journey through time, tracing the life of Philipp Soldan in the 16th century. For more information about Philipp Soldan, visit www.frankenberg.de.