Good news for the climate

Protecting our climate is the greatest challenge faced by mankind. With this in mind, Europeade will be a carbon-neutral event for the fi rst time in 2019. To achieve this, the town of Frankenberg an der Eder – home to the Renaissance sculptor Philipp Soldan – will ensure that the greenhouse gases produced in connection with organising the festival (e.g. accommodation, food) are minimised. Please help us by using a climate-friendly mode of transport to travel to the event if possible.

Thank you.

Europeade climate-neutral

  • Waiver of disposable dishes and desposit system for beverage cups
  • Involve regional food suppliers
  • Ecological giveaways and merchandising products
  • T-shirts in organic cotton quality
  • Climate-neutral production of flyers and folders
  • Short distance between the event types
  • Integration of electric vehicles for transport
  • Awareness of the participating groups, guests and supporters (type of arrival)
  • Electricity from renewable energy sources
  • Investment in a local climate-neutral CO2-project

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