Climate-friendly – of course

Something new – for the good of the climate

The protection of our climate is humanity’s greatest challenge. That is why Europeade is being held as a climate-friendly event for the first time in 2019. In this context, Frankenberg (Eder), the city of 16th-century artist Philipp Soldan, will take care to ensure that the smallest possible amount of greenhouse gases is generated by the festival.

The city of Frankenberg has committed itself to ensuring that this year

Europeade reusable cups

In order to avoid waste and to support the climate-friendly event, you can buy a 0.25 l cup from designated booking offices. These cups can be filled at the drinks stands. All drinks have a unit price of 2 euros (Frankenberger Taler token). For each order, the cup is handed over and swapped for a freshly rinsed one. With the purchase, you support the cultural events as part of the 775th anniversary celebration, Europeade and the ‘live treff’ music events. There is a one-off charge of 6 euros for the cup.

Frankenberger Taler

The Frankenberger Taler is a token for the purchase of drinks at Europeade. Only a Frankenberger Taler can be used to pay at drinks stands. The tokens can be bought at selected sales points and have a value of 2 euros. The Frankenberger Taler can not only be redeemed at the drinks stands, but also in Frankenberg restaurants. The token cannot be exchanged for cash.

Electricity entirely from renewable sources thanks to EGF

We have chosen EGF as our strong partner, and thus opted for renewable electricity – for the good of our climate. With 100% genuinely renewable electricity we improve our carbon footprint and help shape the cleaner energy supply of the future. With EGF, we are putting our faith in 100% green electricity with a sustainable impact and a renewable-electricity provider with excellent service.